@ladygaga: Goodnight, Little Monsters. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can’t believe you’re real sometimes. Thank you for all the gifts of love you’ve brought into…

@ladygaga: …my life

I need to heal the way, the way you make me feel..

@ladygaga: #gagadaily Q & A going up now. Post it @emmac_94 ! #HausWork

Lady Gaga in Athens, Greece

Lady Gaga backstage in Amsterdam!

@ladygaga: Get ready for my exclusive interview with BreatheHeavy.com Talk to you soon Jordan@breatheheavycom

@ladygaga: #HausWork getting cheeky during makeup! Leaving Amsterdam, can’t wait to see the fans outside hotel!

@ladygaga: Almost ready. Just time to choose which girl I’m wearing today. Italian Curls? I think yes. I feel best singing jazz with that hair. So free.

@ladygaga: Chose my dress for the day! With a big thumbs up from Bobby Campbell my manager. Side by side, every minute. He’s my teammate!

@ladygaga: Almost ready! I love getting dressing up nice for my fans, to show them how much I love them. They’ve been waiting outside hotel for 3 days! ❤️

@ladygaga: All ready to say farewell to The Dam! #JazzPunk can’t wait to 💋u monsters